Test Post

Tweet Mar 16, 2020

I have no idea what to write for a test post but I'll talk about what I have watched recently I guess. All seems to be working well, including images which I originally had some issues loading where I originally thought it was something to do with my Nginx setup but it turns out it's the Ghost config itself.

I have used Wordpress at some point many years ago, and I do know that plenty of websites do use them as the backend but I just wanted a fairly simple platform that isn't super bloated or anything and I just want to post some thoughts on things, maybe, if I feel like it; because I honestly don't really like the idea of doing long posts on social media because they feel very tl;dr as my habit is just skimming through posts and not really reading them all.

Also since such platforms do not offer good methods for emphasis, let alone doing points like what Markdown offers turns me off as well. Sites like Reddit and even Facebook if you use the Notes feature do offer those feature, but I don't really fancy Reddit much because of the entire Karma system as well as moderation inconsistencies here and there. Facebook is because, well, Facebook and at this point of time my News Feed has turned more into a feed filled with shitposting which isn't bad, but also because I prefer long posts away just in case.

Anna x Emo is real and no one can tell me otherwise

Prichan 100 was good. Although I know that it's always the entire Pretty Rhythm series appeal to conclude the season by "Character is dying so character sings to revive them" or something along the lines but for some reason I can never get tired of it.

Also the new song is beautiful.

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