Being Slightly Productive during Quarantine by Installing Arch on My New PC (again)

server Apr 05, 2020

I had this new PC since September and I've spent most of the time on Windows. WSL is fun, being able to play games and all is fine I guess but if I'm going to have 10GB worth of data in my Debian under WSL, I might as well actually just dualboot. SSDs are cheaper nowdays, and that also includes NVMe. I'm probably considering to get another NVMe stick to actually use Arch instead.

Somehow, it turns out that, when I was trying to set up networking, Gigabyte motherboards that uses Realtek 8111/8168/8411 for Ethernet can get unreliable due to an IOMMU setting affecting the entire network interface. I originally thought it was due to some error on my side setting up my IP (it's not) but the IOMMU setting was turned off by default. It seems to work fine after that...?

UEFI is surprisingly easy. Now if I turn on the PC it loads to GRUB first, prompting whether I want to boot Arch or go to Windows Boot Manager. I'm thinking of using Windows' one because it looks kinda neat. I've been using Arch on my laptop for 5 years and I have barely touch much for 3 years I forgot how do I set up my window manager, zsh and all. It's incredibly hard to boot to my laptop now either. It's barely living now, and it's RAM is dying too so I had to take off and on until it can actually boot; it's annoying.

I can probably just make it boot, then just rsync my config files over. But that wouldn't be fun.

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